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From one of the UK’s most widely-respected gay Christians comes a powerful faith memoir of overcoming an intense inner conflict of a desire to love God and a desire to love and be loved by another woman.  Jayne Ozanne is a prominent gay Anglican who struggled for over 40 years to reconcile her faith with her sexuality before becoming one of the leading figures that is ushering in a new era of LGBTI acceptance in the Church.

Praise for Just Love:

‘A heartfelt plea for love in all its glory, from a brave woman on her journey from despair to hope. Jayne’s story is proof that sometimes the hardest paths can lead to wonderful places.’ Caroline Wyatt, broadcaster

‘This is not a comfortable book. It is Jayne’s personal struggle to be true to herself and to God. Indeed you cannot be true to God if you cannot be true to and about yourself. It is also her search for love – spiritual, emotional and physical. Jayne bares her soul
in pursuit of a more just and honest world – and Church.’  The Rt Revd James Jones KBE, formerly Bishop of Liverpool

‘Just Love is a compelling story. But it’s not just Jayne’s story; it is a call to a journey for the entire Church as we respond to Jayne’s love for God and passion to serve the Church. Whatever your views on human sexuality, it is a journey we must all take together.’ Joel
Edwards, international speaker, writer and broadcaster, and former director of the Evangelical Alliance UK

‘Powerful, poignant and prophetic – Jayne Ozanne’s vivid autobiography testifies to a remarkable and resilient person, who has walked an uneasy path, fraught with darkness and difficulties. Yet what comes through, time and again, is a courageous mind and faith-filled life that is determined not to be overcome. Jayne’s prescient work – creative, challenging and campaigning – is truly inspiring. Spiritually wise and theologically acute, this book challenges us with its freshness and frankness. Her work in the church as both a leader and dissenting voice stand as an important sign for the times: a sentinel that calls on those who hold authority and wield power to act with greater compassion and courage. This extraordinary autobiography will inspire many, convict some, rouse others and should concern us all.’ The Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford

‘Gripping, moving, searing, honest: a manifesto for living life and love to the full.’ Ysenda Maxtone Graham, critic for The Times

‘A deeply personal account, not just of an individual exploring her emerging sexuality but also of the workings of the little-understood charismatic evangelical wing of the established church in the latter part of the 20th century. I’ve always admired Jayne’s
immense courage, energy and capacity for forgiveness, and never more so than now. This story of the changes she is helping bring about is only the beginning. It is essential reading for anyone seeking insight into the complex morality of the Church today.’
Ruth Gledhill, Multimedia Editor, The Tablet and editorial advisor, Christian Today

‘This is Jayne’s personal story of how, as an evangelical Christian, she was consumed by self-hate and internalised homophobia. It almost crushed her. But after much angst, she eventually made the leap to self-acceptance and LGBT+ advocacy within the Church. It is a reminder of the harm that is caused when religion puts dogma before love, and of the power of love to challenge injustice.’ Peter Tatchell, Peter Tatchell Foundation

‘Jayne Ozanne’s book describes the life of a person of faith who has lived true to her faith. Jayne combines intellectual prowess with a talent for truth-telling and has walked the corridors of power in the Church and in the corporate worlds. She documents her
struggle to accept her own sexual identity. For years she followed bad advice from good people and endured years of misery and inner turmoil. Finally able to trust her own prayer, she has enjoyed a loving relationship with a woman.’ The Revd Canon Mpho
Tutu van Furth, ordained Episcopal priest, and executive director of the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation

‘Jayne is a woman of compassion and strength. She has contributed richly to the life of the world and of the Church – as you read this book you’ll see how. She has the courage of a difference-maker, and the focus and devotion of a woman of faith who loves God
and who wants to see justice done. And she believes that all the people God made – all the people God loves – are worth fighting for.’ The Rt Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool

‘Some books have to be written; some stories have to be told, and this is one of them. Just Love is a deeply moving, honest and personal account of the pain and harsh reality of what it too often means to be gay within the world of the Church today. But, even more than that, it is, at the same time, a profoundly life-affirming and hope-filled memoir for all those who find themselves travelling the same road.’ The Revd Steve Chalke, Baptist minister, and founder of the Oasis Charitable Trust

‘What do you do if your evangelical faith and your identity are in conflict? Jayne Ozanne writes of her experiences of conversion, breakdown and self-discovery in this deeply personal and at times shocking account. She challenges people of all persuasions to put
God’s love above all and follow where it leads, whatever the cost. This is a compelling and ultimately hopeful story.’ The Very Revd Dr David Ison, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral

‘This autobiography gives a startling insight into a world of evangelical faith where direct messages from God, prophecies, healings and demonic oppressions are the stuff of everyday experience. Jayne Ozanne was welcomed as a representative of such a faith into the highest councils of Church and State, while she also held a series of senior jobs in industry and international relations. The central drama is the torturing disjunction between official religious affiliation and the interior reality of loneliness and yearning for a partner of the same sex. It is hard not to agree with her psychiatrist who early on advised Jayne to change her religion. ‘But the glory of this tale is that she did not. She stayed true to her conviction that faith and gayness are both gifts of the God who is Love. Her story is an inspiration to anyone struggling with the same issues today.’ The Very  evd Dr Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans Cathedral

‘Beautifully written; compelling to read; totally honest and vulnerable, yet told with good humour and grace. This deeply personal story ranks alongside the truly great biographies of famous missionaries past and present. It is hugely well worth reading for that aspect of the story alone, aside from Jayne’s struggle with her sexuality; anyone who dismisses her story for that reason does so to their own great loss. Here is a woman  ho, from her childhood days of confessing Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Lord, has lived out her vocation with such integrity and faithfulness – and has a truly astonishing catalogue of missionary adventures, worldwide to tell. But the aspect, weaved through her story, in which Jayne struggles to come to terms with her sexuality is a hugely important one. Even today, there are some Christians who will struggle with her conclusions, but if we are to believe the words of Jesus, “You will know them by their fruit”, then after all she has achieved in Christ’s name for so many people across the world, to dismiss this woman of God who has lived with such integrity, raises a very real question: “Who on earth remains that can be trusted?” Because as well as seeing what a Christian life and vocation, faithfully lived out, can look like, Jayne’s remarkable and courageous story deserves to be heard by all, most especially those who thus far remain to be convinced – that you can be gay and Christian.’ Jeremy Marks, founder and director of the former ministry, The Courage Trust 

‘This book is as important as it is compelling. A beautifully-written reconciliation of faith and sexuality which moved me to tears. The powerful words gripped my heart and  nourished my faith.’ Philip Baldwin, LGBT/HIV rights activist, Stonewall Role
Model, and writer for Gay Times and The Huffington Post

‘Jayne Ozanne’s biography is a groundbreaking book that beautifully weaves her own personal journey towards reconciling her faith and sexuality and the radical Gospel  imperative to “just love”. Her story is one that will resonate with many LGBT+
Christians in every corner of the globe and provoke international conversation for years to come. This book is a gift, not just to the LGBT+ Christian community, but to the Church of Jesus Christ at large. Get ready to be challenged, convicted, and transformed.’ Brandan Robertson, Lead Pastor of Missiongathering
Christian Church, San Diego, USA, writer and activist