ViaMedia.News is a bi-weekly blog that has the backing of some of the most senior figures in the Church of England in order to prompt a deeper level of reflection.

Edited by Jayne Ozanne, the website aims to bring the historic Anglican perspective of the ‘Via Media’ [the Middle Way] to debates that are current in the Church of England.

Backed by figures such as the Bishop of Manchester, the Bishop of Liverpool and the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, the site features contributions from a range of influential Anglican figures as they attempt to bridge the divides that separates many in the Church.

Avoiding divisive positions, the writers look at issues in the Church and the wider world as they seek to bring a fresh perspective to areas of controversy.



2 Responses to Background

  1. Carol Kerfeld says:

    how can I become involved with your organizational direction? I have not found that religious abuse has been vigorously addressed and dealt with. I am a victim of religious, family and cultural verbal abuse.


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