Voices of Hope – March 26th 2019

The Healing Power of God’s Love (Part 2) – “Be Still” by the Revd Andrew Foreshew-Cain

Andrew Foreshew-Cain

This verse has been my constant companion throughout my whole life of Christian faith.

I found it, or it found me, leaping out from the pages of my Bible when I was deeply unhappy in my first year at University.

It has grown into me over the years and it calls me back to the deep, profound stillness, and the quiet strong undeniable presence of God in our lives.  It doesn’t speak over or try to drown out the hurt and confusion and pain of life’s events, and there have been plenty in the following years.

Instead it simply places before us the fundamental truth of God, and invites us into silence, to stop in the frantic movements of whatever it is that is filling our minds with distress and allows us to breathe, to focus and to remember, to KNOW, that God is God, and we are God’s.

It doesn’t try to explain, it doesn’t try to excuse, it doesn’t blame or demand of us something that we cannot do. It just calls us back to the memory that we may have lost in our struggles and offers some respite.

Afterwards the struggle will almost certainly remain, and there will be actions to be taken but for me it has always given me a breathing space and helped place things in a wider context and the deeper reality of the Divine.

If you need to do so today, make some time to pray it, and sit with it. You will be strengthened for what lies ahead.

A Prayer

Loving Lord, call me from busyness and worry to the still centre of your divine peace. Hold me when life is troubled and overwhelming, and let me know what you know, that you are God, I am yours and all is well.


Tomorrow – Ann Reddecliffe, “Listening for Love”, 1 John 4: 7 – 8

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