Are Your Ears Burning…?

by Jayne Ozanne, Editor of ViaMedia.News


It’s a strange thing, being talked about.

The House of Bishops meets this week to do just that…to talk about “us” LGBTI Christians.

They do so without one openly gay or transgender bishop in their midst – this is the House not the College of Bishops, and yet they are going to decide what they are going to do with “us”.

I personally can’t think of another institution in the modern-day world that would be able to get away with this, but of course, the Church has been getting away with such practices for time in memoriam.

It comes on the back of a rather unpleasant document that sort to name and shame loyal Christians for having the courage to be openly gay.  No thought of course to our safety, or indeed to the pastoral implications of what they did.  I know that many within GAFCON are more than aware that some of us have had acts of homophobic violence perpetrated against us already this year…but I suppose they just think that is par of the course.

So they’re going to talk about “us” without “us”.  The one thing we have been asking them not to do.

We’re told to trust “them”.

I for one will definitely pray for “them” as “they” meet.

The problem is that the whole debate is now framed about “them and us”, divided groups differentiated by our sexuality and gender.

All we want is to be treated as an inclusive pronoun – “we”.

To be equal members of the Body of Christ, not second class citizens, where we’re appreciated as a community to be embraced and loved rather than a problem to be solved.  Goodness knows most of us have had enough rejection and pain already.

So we have to hold our breath and wait – and hope that when our ears burn, it is because the Holy Spirit is at work and that truth and grace are being spoken and heard.

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2 Responses to Are Your Ears Burning…?

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  2. Martin Sewell says:

    Hi Jayne

    Maybe you could think of it as group therapy:-)

    Seriously, maybe they have to look each other in the eye and ask ” what now?” If that requires private space let them have it. It’s what comes out that needs to be judged and won’t God be in the mix ?


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